Linsell Imaging provides Arts, Entertainment and Event photography to a wide range of international clients.

Studio founder, David Linsell, earned his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, NYC and has over 30 years of experience photographing the Arts.

Davidís developed an approach of capturing his subjects in a visually dramatic and emotional style, while maintaining the very highest standards of contemporary photography

Davidís graphic and sophisticated images have appeared in a wide variety of journals, publications, and web sites including Rolling Stone, The Chicago Reader, MAGIC Magazine, Genii, and The Linking Ring. He also serves as contributing photographer for MAGIC Magazine.

Recent clients include: Luminato - Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity, Magicana, The Magic Collectors' Association, GCA Savvian: Digital Media Summit, Stagewrite Publishing, plus numerous private clients and events.

David is also an experienced public speaker and educator on all aspects of photographic theory and practice. He has presented seminars and workshops around the country on a wide range of photographic topics.

Contact David today to learn how his increrdable photography can help you reach your sales/promotion goals, completely capture your event, and create one of a kind personal and group portraits.

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